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>> vice president joe biden and his wife campaign in lynchburg, virginia. their son, delaware attorney- general beau biden was scheduled to attend but did not because the delaware national guard was called up to prepare for hurricane sandy. this is about 35 minutes. >> hello. thank you. hello, everyone. it is great to be here in virginia. most of all, i want to thank
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all of you for everything you are doing for this campaign. as i travel around the country, i see this campaign is connecting to people in a very real way. isn't this about people's lives? [applause] i feel the same way. even if joe weren't on this ticket, i would still be working hard for this election. i teach english and writing full-time at a community college right here in virginia. [applause] that is why i am so grateful that president obama and my husband are making quality investments to move us forward on education.
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i'm also involved in this election as a woman who cares about the direction of our country. i have seen barack and joe said that for our rights and freedoms every single day. -- stand up for our rights and freedoms every single day. the very first law put an obama signed with the lily ledbetter. the president and vice- president know how important it is for women to make our own decisions about our own bodies, our own health care. [applause] so many women of my generation have fought hard for roe versus wade, access to contraception and for equal rights. we don't want out daughters and granddaughters to have to go
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back and fight the same battles that we fought decades ago. [applause] we cannot forget about the importance of the supreme court in the direction this country could take. finally, i care about this country. about this election as a military mom. our son beau is a in the delaware national army guard and he served in a rack for a year. -- iraq for a year. i had the honor of meeting many of our troops and military families and i know how much they love our country. sacrificed to protect it. i want to make sure that all of our veterans and their families get the benefits they have earned and the respect they deserve.
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we have come so far but we have to keep moving forward. now it is my pleasure to turn the podium over to our vice president, joe biden. [applause] >> hello! it is great to be with you. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you very much. crowd: four more years! >> thank you very muhc.
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mr. mayor, thank you for the passport to lynchburg. i appreciate it very much. as you have figured out by now, i am joe biden, jill biden's has been. -- husband. and you think i'm kidding. i am not. i have always been known in delaware as jill's has been. that may tell you what, -- jill's husband. all around the world. let me tell you what, i am potiphar. our son was driving down from million 10 -- i am proud of her. our son was driving down and said the government called up
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the national guard. i am going home. he apologizes. he wanted to be here with you. [applause] again, thanks for the hospitality. it is good to be represented -- in a state that will be represented by tim kane. what they add. -- what a guy. that has more integrity than most people have in their entire bodies. i'm a big tom kaine fan. also of tom pariello. where are you? thank you. talk about a stand up back. good to see.
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thank you for all the help you have been in this campaign. before it started, i want to make a public service announcement. in virginia, you have what is called absentee in person voting. if you work long hours, you're probably qualified to vote early. next week through the third, you can go to the lot -- to your local registrar and vote. if you have any questions, we have folks in the back who are wearing the obama buttons and you are all wearing obama buttons. they can tell you exactly how to do it. i would like to win this thing earlier than later. so go out there. [applause] the president had his third and final debate with governor romney.
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and i had my one debate with congressman ryan. in that last debate, i was-or -- i was not sure whether other romney was there whether to endorse or debate obama. -- i was not sure whether romney was there to endorse or debate obama. it was kind of amazing. all those things i heard him say 04, i wasn't hurting -- heard him say before, i wasn't hearing him say them anymore. my grandfather from scranton used to say that -- beware of the converted. [laughter] he sure sounded converted, didn't he? i was wondering what happened to the mitt romney -- maybe casper, the family ghost of them.
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-- the friendly ghost took him. i don't know. as hard as they tried, they cannot run from the record. here is the truth. they had made it very clear they do not have the same view on women's rights as we do. on women's health, they want to turn the power back to the insurance company. back when they can charge wittman 50% more than men for the same policy. when they could label pregnancy pre-existing conditions. when the governor was asked at the second debate about how he felt about equal pay for equal work, what did he do? he started talking about binders. binders. bindrs a qualified women he learned were out there. -- binders of qualified women he learned were out there. we catholics call that an epiphany. he never did answer whether or not women were entitled equal pay for equal work.
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i will read -- i will. barack obama and i are committed to equal pay, to making sure my daughter, his daughter's and my granddaughter's had the exact same rights as my son and grandson. [applause] the exact same rights. just picture the supreme court after four years of president romney. ladies and gentlemen, they have made it clear that they also have a different view on foreign-policy. when we entered iraq, they said bishop of kept 30,000 troops -- when we ended the war in iraq, they said we should have kept 30,000 troops there. they refused to commit to an end date. and they openly opposed a
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signing of an arms control treaty with russia that other republicans urged that we ratified. now the governor is running away from everything he said in the last year and a half. the congressmen is running away from everything he voted for. i am not making this up. this is real. ladies and gentlemen, they are now abandoning the central tenet of their party's agenda. the accounting on the american people to have an overwhelming case of amnesia on november 6. all of a sudden romney claims he does not hea $5 trillion tax cut that will raise taxes for the middle-class to the president has a new term for it, he calls a what? romnesia.' it is the most accurate term i have heard in a while. and it is contagious because of
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a sudden, congressman ryan, the guy picked because of his new ideas about how to drastically cut spending, the guy whose budget passed cutting everything 19% across-the-board, his budget voucherizes medicare. not cut those programs. -- all the sudden, he says now he does not cut those programs. he just slowed their growth. he slows your growth. he limited to $2,500 tax cut that you middle-class parents used to keep your kids in school. taking thousands of the pell grants and knocking people out of college. it is like mitt romney try to convince the guy in the employment line that he did not outsourcing is job offshored his job. the result is the same. job is gone, you have a voucher
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and instead of a guaranteed medical benefit. now mitt romney is running ads across the country about getting tough on china. the same guy that washington post called the pioneer on outsourcing. the same guy who is criticized the president taking action against china, saving thousands of that of jobs and steel and the rubber industry. the same guy who invest in chinese companies. the same guy calling for what they now call a territorial tax which creates 800,000 jobs abroad according to experts. all of them overseas. this is the guy who was governor of massachusetts who literally -- you're going that think i am making this up, but literally outsourced the call service that people would call into massachusetts to see the qualify for unemployment. he said it overseas. -- sent it overseas. when you see mitt romney, about
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getting tough on china, i have one word for it -- malarkey. it's a bunch of malarkey. mitt romney has shown he is very good at sending jobs overseas. but i have news for the governor, a president's job is different. the president's job is to create jobs in america. bring jobs home to america. keep jobs from leaving america. that is the president job. at the president said in the second debate, he said mitt romney's plans are sketchy. i did not like to correct the president but in this case, i will. they are not sketchy, they are etch-a-sketchy. they are changing the whole deal. but you cannot erase libya already done, but you have already voted for -- erase what you have already done.
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what you said you would support had been president. but you have already voted for. extending tax cuts for the very wealthy. a $500 billion tax cuts while cutting essential programs. cutting essential programs. turning medicare from guaranteed plan into a voucher program. which will cost seniors thousands of dollars over time. not in 19 million people off the program. -- knocking 19 million people off the problem. -- off medicare. promising another $250,000 for the top 1% which require raising taxes for the middle- class are $2,000 a year. all of these cuts in vital programs are in the service of new massive tax cuts for the wealthy. instead of signing a pledge to grover norquist to cut taxes for the wealthy, they should be
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signing a pledge to middle- class people of america. [applause] to level the playing field. to give them a fair shot again. that is the pledge to president and i have signed from the start. we understand how badly the republican policies they want to reinstate heard the middle class. we understand that my dad was right when he used to say your job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it is about your dignity. respect. your place in the community. so that is why we will continue to focus our second term plans for jobs because we believe for americans to succeed, the middle class has to succeed. that is the only way the poor have a way up and the wealthy do very well, i might add. giving the middle class a fighting chance is what this is
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all about. that is why we maintain tax cuts for college tuition. that is why we commit to cut college tuition in half for the next decade. 100,000 math and science teachers in the next 10 years. [applause] we talk about jobs, we talk about a decent job, a job you can raise a family on. own a home, not red. have a decent school to send your child to. -- own a home, not rent. have a decent school to send your child to. helps send them to college. help your parents when they get older. that is why we are creating new manufacturing jobs, ted double
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exports. change the tax code, of four companies that come home, not those that go abroad. -- reward companies that come home, not those that go abroad. trained to million people over the next three years at community colleges. working with businesses to make sure students can finish school and go into jobs that are now open. on energy, we will continue to cut oil imports. in half by 2020, producing more american made energy. oil, clean coal, natural gas. those will create 600,000 new jobs. wind, biofuel, solar. we are already requiring automobiles to double their mileage by 2025. that alone will save $1.70 trillion at the pump and 12 million gallons -- barrels of oil over that time. -- 12 million barrels of oil over that time. the will level the playing field for the middle-class.
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because whenever the middle class is given a chance, they have never ever let their country down. we're going to do it by allowing 14 million americans, many of you in virginia who have never missed a mortgage payment, who are paying 7.5% on their payments to refinance it. no government -- saving them $3,000 a year. where i come from, there's 400,000 of you that would qualify. $3,000 a year is the difference between paying your automobile insurance and keeping your kid and comment -- in community college. instead of another ipod billion dollar tax cut -- $500 billion dollar tax cut gives it to
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120,000 families. instead of that, reposed cutting taxes for 98% of the american people -- instead of doing that, we propose cutting taxes for 98% of the american people. in making those permanent, those tax cuts. and we will end this war in afghanistan as we did in iraq. saving hundreds of billions of dollars and using that money here to reduce our debt. to reduce the long-term debt and cut those taxes -- eliminate that tax break for the very wealthy. that will let us get halfway to the $4 trillion target in reducing the debt. ladies and gentlemen, the rest of the money we will invest in america, creating good jobs here in america. bill the american road, american bridge is, american and for structure, american school.s it is time to invest in america.
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what i'm about to sit will be controversial but i think it is fair to say. there is not a single idea that has been offered by governor romney are congressman ryan that is different from the policies that got us at the trouble in the first place. really. the governor said first thing he will do is eliminate dodd frank, the reasonable regulations put back on banks and wall street. let banks write their own rules again. but wall street go unregulated. add trillions of dollars in new tax cuts to people making more than $1 million a year. these are decent people, folks. they are patriotic americans but the lasting a need is another tax cut. -- the last thing they need is another tax cut. we know how this and spirit $16 trillion in home equity and evaporated. -- how this ends. 9 million lost jobs. $16 trillion in home equity evaporated.
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retirement accounts up in flames. the great recession of 2008. the american people will not go back. folks, crowd: four more years! you have to ask yourself. both of these guys are decent man. you have to ask about with a push the return of these economic and tax policies from the bush administration? or as president clinton said, why would they go back to the bush policies on steroids? i have come to one conclusion. the only one i can figure out is about their attitude about america and their attitude about half the american people. you heard his insulting
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comments that 47% of the american people are -- here's the part that bothers me. when he said they are not willing to take responsibility for the allies. -- for their own lives. these people are our neighbors. he is talking about my parents when they were alive. the people i grew up with. the people here in lynchburg. they include seniors to afford their whole lives to pay for a social security. and did not pay taxes on that. nor should they pay taxes on that. 60,000alking about the warriors risking their lives in afghanistan, pay no income taxes on their salaries. nor should it. speaking of those warriors, how many of you know someone who was been deployed to afghanistan or iraq over the last two decades? we know you. we owe their families.
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i checked every single day and this morning again with the defense department, how many have lost? i have been in and out of iraq and afghanistan 20 times. there refer to someone killed in action as a fallen agent. -- fallen angel. there have been 6,502 fallen angels. 5054 wounded. thousands of them require care for the rest of their lives. understand one thing -- barack and i believe as i believe you do that we only have one sacred obligation as americans -- to equip those we sent to war and care for them and their families when they come home. the believe as i think you do, the american people are so much
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better stronger and takes a muchi have never seen two candis for the highest office of the land be more negative about the state of our country, about america's prospects for the future. more negative about the willingness of the american people to take responsibility for their own lives. congressman ryan writes about the culture of dependency. i did not recognize the country they are talking about. that is not the country i live in. i am here to tell you, we are better positioned than any nation in the world to lead the 21st century. they say we are in decline. 5.2 million new jobs instead of losing $800,000 per month -- 800,00 jobs per month. but the and implement rate -- when the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest since we took office, they did not say implement it was declining, this america is declining.
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export is up 41%. housing starts were at the highest level since 2008. when they heard that, they said america is in decline. more americans for the first time feeling they're better off and will be better off than any time in the last five years. what is their answer? america is in decline. romney and ryan are in denial. that is what's wrong. you folks in virginia get it. there is no quit in america. the american people have fought their way back and they are not going back. the entire history of this great nation as only known one direction -- forward.
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that is the only direction it has known. folks, i got news -- governor romney, congressman ryan, it is never ever been a good bet to bet against the american people. never. virginia, we need you. we win virginia, we win this election. so got there, bring it home. god bless you all and make god protect our troops. thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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>> on thursday and the romney campaign for her husband in st. augustine, florida. this is about 15 minutes. [applause] >> wow. thank you, st. augustine. i brought some friends with me.
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this is miles. and parker. this is my other grandson. parker made his own sign. these are some of my grandkids. i am so blessed. it is so wonderful to have them with me. and my gorgeous daughter-in-law mary. she is expecting another grandchild. we are thrilled about that. it is wonderful to have these grandsons. everyone knows i have five sons. i have 18 grandchildren. what you probably do not know, 13 of them are boys. we are glad we like boys in our family. it makes it a lot easier. boys add such a dimension to my life.
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they taught me a lot of patience. the other thing that boys taught me, lay it all on the table. and then it is over. it is amazing what you learn from children. i am so thrilled to have had these extraordinary women. are we not lucky to have such strong women? [applause] there is no one on the stage that can appreciate the sentiment better than cindy mccain. i said, sweetheart, i'm never doing this again. he looked at it and he laughed. he said, you say that after every pregnancy.
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we women know what is like. gladly, we forget it. it was an interesting decision around the romney family table. the first time it was quite easy. great idea, this will be great, this will be a wonderful experience. ask them again, we do not want to do that again. there is a real truth to that. it is really hard to step forward and it is hard to see someone you love mischaracterized, abused, lied about. why do you step forward? it is because you love this country. [applause] this was the question i asked mitt. all of the boys were giving me
6:46 am
the good arguments about why not to do it again. i know that it is hard. i was telling them, talk to the hand. this was the question i asked him. i know the primary process is difficult. i know the general lection process is difficult. i know it is difficult to defeat an incumbent president. you have to tell me the answer to this. to have gone through this whole process, and if you finally get there, and if you can get there, and you tell me, it is too late, too late to save the country, i need you to answer. is it too late? is it past time to save america? he said it is getting late, but
6:47 am
it is not too late. that is all i need to know, go save america. [applause] we are down to the final days of the campaign. it is exciting out there. the momentum is unbelievable. we feel it from those folks that are here. we love that. you guys give us some much energy, thank you so much. thank you. here we are, looking forward, looking forward to the next -- how many days? who is counting? is it 11? that is better than yesterday. we are very excited. you can see the momentum is swinging our way. the thing i loved about the debate, an unfiltered view of my husband, yay!
6:48 am
i have been waiting for that for a very long time. hundreds of millions of dollars, half a billion dollars spent on negative ads describing my husband as a person who does not care, a person who is out of touch. i am here to tell you about a person who is in touch and does care. i appreciated the fact that the audience got to see an unfiltered view, 70 million people tuned in the first debate. there is someone else on that stage that i like. he is the guy who has a vision for the future and understands what is going on. this is an economic recovery that is not a recovery at all. guess who is hurting the most -- women.
6:49 am
more women have fallen into poverty than men. it is more women have lost their jobs than men in the last four years. women are hurting. single moms, moms having a tough time to begin with, they are the ones who are hurting the most. help is on the way. [applause] to answer that charge that mitt does not care, this is the hardest one for me. i've been married to the man for 43 years. i have known him for 47 years. that does not make me very young, does it? there was a terrific story that was told at the convention. friends of ours, ted was a firefighter from massachusetts.
6:50 am
their son david, 14 years old, that diagnosed with terminal cancer. how hard that was in the family. my husband, father of four at the time, very busy. what does he do? he takes time out of this life to visit a 14-year-old boy. he takes time to know that the parents of that boy know they are not doing this alone. the bonds of friendship that developed when you really go into the dark places in people's lives, because we all know everyone of us has a dark place at some point, we cannot escape this world without having hardship or heartache, he was at that boy's bedside table. as he got to know him, he found that david liked fireworks.
6:51 am
when david was in and out of the hospital, one of those times, mitt brought him a great big box of fireworks. david asks a very tough question. he now recognizing that he is losing this battle. he says, what is next? what is going to happen to me? mitt says david, do not fear. you are going to be fine and you were going to live on after this life. he will have an eternal life. he will have people on the other side who will love you and share issue. you are going to be just fine, david. your life is going to go on. dave davidson comfort at that time.
6:52 am
gave david such comfort at that time. he said, could you please help me write my will? we know that a 14-year-old boy does not have many possessions. they sit down -- what do you care about? what are the things you want to pass on? it was a skateboard and his rifle. he makes sure to write down that the skateboard will go to his friend and his rifle will go to his brother. the final request, the final request that david makes is -- would you please be the person who gives the eulogy at my funeral? that is the character of the person that we need in the white house. [applause]
6:53 am
we never know the decisions that will come across the president's desk. we know they are hard. it is comforting to know that the person who will be sitting in that desk has integrity and decency and goodness. [applause] i will tell you this, he will always make decisions and he will always decide what is best for america, not what is best for him -- what is best for america. we're looking forward to the next 11 days. we're excited about it. i will tell you another story i had a few months back when barbara bush was introducing me. what a thrill it was for me to know that barbara bush was going to introduce me. i am such a fan of hers. when you meet her in person,
6:54 am
she is just the same, outspoken, frank, but absolutely lovable. she was so cute. it was a fund-raiser in houston. she was chastising everyone in the room that had just given money. she was telling them they had not given enough. only barbara bush can get away with that. can you even imagine scolding the president of the united states? she said something interesting, this is the most important election in my lifetime. i thought, wow, she is about 86 years old. she has been the wife of the president and the mother of a president.
6:55 am
and this is the most important election of for a lifetime. wow. it is the most important election of our lifetime. [applause] we all know that is why you are here. he is running because he loves america and he knows we have to get it right this time. we are running out of time. we have to get right this time. we have to do everything we can -- we have to listen to barbara bush. you have to really participate. you have to really work because this is going to make all the difference in the world. this will change the course of america. here we are. we are ready. i am excited and i will tell you one other thing.
6:56 am
i have seen him succeed at everything he does. as a husband, as a father, as a business guy, at the olympics, as a governor. he does not fail. [applause] and he will not fail america. let's make sure we do everything we can get out there and do everything we can to make america prosperous, strong, good again. we're going to win this thing in november. i am going to close with my favorite saying, god bless you, but especially, god bless america.
6:57 am
♪ ♪ >> watch our coverage of the candidates. next, live, your calls and comments on "washington journal." at 10:00, kentucky senator ran the ball.
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-- rand paul. >> one of 10,000 homes that they are trying to get done attention of the next four years. these are houses that are never coming back. >> one-family every 20 minutes is moving out. >> moving out of the detroit. these houses are disappearing from the landscape. >> 90,000 ready to go. >> 164 firefighters were laid off as part of the downsizing, as part of the effort for the mayor to get the finances and a control. firefighters, which detroit needs, it must have the highest case of arson and enter the country, these guys are laid off. two weeks later, 100 guys are
6:59 am
rehired. when you look to find out where the money came from, it is actually the department of home and security has a fund for things like that. that is something you want to think about. the department of common security needed to step into key detroit as safe as it can be for the moment. we have seen the auto industry bailout. we have seen the bank bailouts. are we heading into an era of bailouts of a city? >> more with heidi ewing tonight at 8:00. >> this morning, george mason university professor michael mcdonald looks at the early voting under way in several states. then we will take a look at pennsylvania

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